Rural Virginia Properties & The Turman Group

We are a private, family owned company whose mission is simple: to market, sell and buy properties for Mike Truman and associated companies. The properties that we market are family owned and are selected for their potential for homesteadint, retreats, retirement or recreational use. (There are also llimited commercial opportunities) Our purpose is to drive the market towards investing in land and preserving rural life, to have fun, to promote sustainablility and to preserve our natural, cutural and historic resources. Rural Virginia Properties, LLC will take you to the land that we love,. Because of our integration with the Turman Group in SW Virginia, we are able to offer start to finish projects and keep it all in the family. From site-prep and the building of roads, from design to timber-frame and log home construction, we will even set up your own personal independent power plant and maybe a garden and emergency stores.. We are prepared to work with you, with down-home honest values, to do what is right. Our team will help you find the property that is right for you, to plan, build and provide a secure and sustainable retreat for you and your loved ones. READ MORE

June 1st 2009

We now offer secure, personal, independent energy systems for your retreat. Partnering with Charles Bigelow and Lightspeed, LLC, we can custom build your solar and/or wind turbine hybrid energy sustems.

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Site Planning and Preparation

With years of experience working with local county and state administrators, we will help you evaluate each prospective property to determine your intended use. We will help you negotiate the zoning and VDOT regulations for entrances, private or public roads, septic and well installations. From harvesting your timber, building roads and complete site preparation, no jof is too big or too small. We can help you as little or as much as you want. After all, it is YOUR land, or soon to be.

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One of our first requestes will be to walk the property with someone who knows. Brandon Turman is a key memer of our team, his expertise in site preparation has been crafted for years to preserve the natural beauty and geographical features of your site. Turman Site Engineering wants to make you a part of this process which is so often ignored. We will do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.

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